Learning Algorithms

How computers learn, an introduction to mathematical models of the mind


The long walk to build a complete artificial brain takes its origin from the most inaccessible questions about existence. It is shaped by the profound meaning we assign to our freedom, our destiny and our soul. It must go through the contradictions of philosophical models of the mind to reach, at last, the insidious land of working prototypes.

Maybe artificial intelligence always made men curious precisely because it is far more than an engineering problem. It is an opportunity to gain a deeper insight on this world.

The first stop of the ambitious journey of AI is the close observation of nature, to reveal and imitate its alchemies. But, in the attempt of using our minds to understand themselves, the ultimate goal of this search comes to light: the reproduction of the noblest expression of intelligence, self-awareness.

We will describe some of theory behind the development of this exciting field. In the video below, an example of my AI software recognising letters.

Gli esseri umani sono portati a riprodurre per capire e a capire per riprodurre. – Ernst Mach


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